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At CEDS, we prioritize a strong, diverse, and equitable community to help us foster a fun and well-balanced learning environment.

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The Church of the Epiphany Day School is a community of children, families, and educators who are committed to learning and growing in a space where children can be children; where they can explore and delight in their play, and where they can take risks and pursue their creative and intellectual curiosities with freedom and encouragement. Through experiential learning and differentiated instruction, our teachers challenge children to master skills they are ready for with perseverance and a dedication to problem-solving.

As a values-based school, we emphasize the importance of compassion, respect, and equity in all our creative, academic, and social-emotional endeavors. We serve people of all faiths, backgrounds, and belief systems. We seek to develop the natural instinct towards mutual respect and kindness in every child.


Through our child-centered curriculum, CEDS students will develop an active approach to learning that is joyful, enthusiastic, and confidence building. Their cognitive, emotional, and physical development will proceed as our experienced faculty builds curriculum guided by the children’s interests, keeping school fun and inspiring. By intentionally facilitating the growth of their character and moral integrity, CEDS students will use their knowledge, compassion, and intellect to promote health, happiness, peace, and justice for all citizens.


Since its founding in 1833, The Church of the Epiphany has been home to many educational programs for children. Education has always been seen as a priority throughout the history of the Episcopal Church, whose roots go back to the earliest Christians.

Throughout its history, the Episcopal Church has always put great emphasis on education, reason, and training of leaders for the next generation.

Our Values

Our educational and philosophical approach revolves around these five core values.

Inclusivity & ​Anti-bias Education

The Church of the Epiphany Day School welcomes children and families of all races, identities, experiences, ideas, beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds, family structures, creeds, colors, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations and gender expressions.

Emotional Intelligence & Character Development

At the Church of the Epiphany Day School we feel that our job goes far beyond facilitating the development of an intellectual skill set. Much effort is put forth to establish a strong social and emotional skill set as well.

Independence, Collaboration & Problem Solving

Early Childhood is a time when children develop an empowering sense of independence. This budding sense of self is something we strive to nurture and grow over the course of a child’s stay at CEDS.

Emergent Curriculum & Experiential Learning

We are of the mind that children are incredibly capable and recognize that all of them learn in different ways. We never underestimate their capabilities and always respect individual learning styles.

Community Service and Family

We view our school as an extension of each child’s home. As such, we strive to create a laid-back atmosphere where children and adults alike feel welcomed and well taken care of.

Meet the Team

CEDS is made up of a talented and dynamic group of educators, administrators, and board members. Meet the team below!



Advisory Board

Jacqueline S. Klein


Head of School

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Amy Thompson

M.A. Early Childhood Education

Assistant Head of School & Director of Admissions

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Margaret Greebel


Administrative Coordinator and Support Services Liaison

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Rachel Gordon

2s Teacher, Music Specialist, DEI Coordinator

Sara Squire

2s Teacher

Suzy Dickman

2s Teacher

Pamela Stout

2’s Teacher

Kristin Norman

3s Teacher

Hannah Schlesinger

3s Teacher

Mindy Guss

3’s Teacher

Chelsi Clark

3s Teacher

Corrina Kroeker

4’s Teacher, DEI Coordinator

Tamarah Tucker

4s Teacher

Julianne Sachs

Alumni Parent

Stephen Warner

Educator/Community Member

Claudine Zamor

Educator/Community Member

Chris Workman

Alumni Parent

Kate Zickel

Alumni Parent

Nicole Donnelly

Educator/Community Member

Novia Ramsay

Vestry Member

Sarah Vanderbrouk

Alumni Parent/Parishioner

Ashley Montesano

Alumni Parent

Brittany Rooney

Current Parent

Kacie Lally

Current Parent

David Haber

Current Parent

Jackie Klein

CEDS Head of School

Amy Thompson

Assistant Head of School & Director of Admissions

Rev. Elise Hanley

Associate Rector

Rev. Roy Cole

Interim Rector

Our Facilities

We've moved! After a complete restoration and renovation process our new facility, located at 351 E 74th Street, is open! CEDS has now expanded to have 5 sun-drenched classrooms (though keeping our small teacher to student ratio), a library, an indoor gymnasium, and an outdoor rooftop play space.


CEDS is in proud partnership with the Church of the Epiphany

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Our Core Programming

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2s Program

Entry into our 2s program is typically a child’s first introduction to a school-like atmosphere and we strive to make a smooth transition from the home to our school.
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3s Program

The 3s program acquaints children with the educational routine and social structure of a classroom, exploring a variety of cognitive themes in a hands-on environment.
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4s Program

The 4s program is to encourage children to think creatively and expansively while simultaneously exposing them to the skills and information they will need in their kindergarten year.
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Applications are Open

Our application for the 2023-2024 school year is available.


Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are still being accepted. Click here to apply. Please contact Amy Thompson at admissions@epiphanynyc.org if you have any questions.

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