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The CEDS Philosophy

CEDS provides a balanced program allowing for each child to develop his or her skills at their own pace. We pride ourselves on being a place where children can be children; where they can explore and delight in their play and where they can take risks and pursue their intellectual curiosities with freedom and encouragement. In creating our curriculum, we have combined progressive models of education that embrace curiosity, exploration and discovery with a focus on skill development through exciting and meaningful endeavors. This balanced approach to curriculum design ensures adequate preparation for kindergarten, while maintaining an engaging, fun, and exciting learning environment for our children.

Play-based Learning

We believe play should be the cornerstone of a young child’s education. As an educational institution specializing in early childhood, it is our responsibility to remain up-to-date on the cutting-edge research surrounding child development and how best to...

Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum is considered “emergent” and centers on ideas and topics, which are derived directly from the children’s interests and passions. These ideas and topics are then explored through in-depth investigations, or “projects.” Projects involve hands…

Curriculum Areas

Learning Environment

Our carefully organized classrooms allow the children to function independently. Beginning in the 2s program the children learn how to become self-sufficient throughout their day.

Character Devolopment & Social Responsibility

At CEDS, social responsibility is a critical theme in all our lessons and conversations. We believe it is never too early to teach children how to be good citizens.

Social Emotional

The social emotional development of every child is a primary focus of the everyday curriculum at CEDS. The ability to interact positively with classmates, peers and adults is essential for a child to be successful in school, at home and in life.

Art & Creative Expression

Throughout the year the children are exposed to a range of art materials and processes including tempera painting, charcoal, collage, clay building, watercolor and more.


Music is an integral part of our school culture. Every class gathers daily to sing and learn through music. The children are introduced to a diverse array of songs and rhythms which they practice and sing throughout the year.

Physical Development

There is ample time for gross motor play within the daily schedule. Gross motor specialists meet with the children every other week (examples include Yoga, Soccer, Martial Arts, and Creative Dance).


The science curriculum involves a combination of informal and structured learning experiences that emphasize process and inquiry. We watch them explore their environment and encourage them to develop questions about it.

Environmental Education

Being in New York City, we feel it is particularly important for the children to develop a relationship with the natural world. Bridging our passion for connecting children with Nature has led us to placing emphasis on the importance of environmental competency for children.


Cooking with children emphasizes measurement, following a recipe, observing textures, smells, tastes, transformation of food from one state to another, building vocabulary and enjoying the joint experience of creating and eating.


The children learn basic mathematical concepts through daily routines. Through working with puzzles, manipulative materials, the use of a daily schedule or calendar and building with blocks, they develop skills such as patterning, sorting, number recognition, one to one correspondence and spatial awareness.


The children experience the tactile pleasure of holding a book and turning the pages on a daily basis. They have countless opportunities to read independently, with a friend or with a teacher. A group story is read aloud each day in all of our classrooms.

Our Core Programming

2s Program

Entry into our 2s program is typically a child’s first introduction to a school-like atmosphere and we strive to make a smooth transition from the home to our school.
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3s Program

The 3s program acquaints children with the educational routine and social structure of a classroom, exploring a variety of cognitive themes in a hands-on environment.
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4s Program

The 4s program is to encourage children to think creatively and expansively while simultaneously exposing them to the skills and information they will need in their kindergarten year.
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